Logbook Servicing

Logbook Servicing

We offer Log Book Servicing for every make and model vehicle. Log Book Services are comprehensive services recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer to ensure your car continues running efficiently and safely and completion of each Log Book Service protects your New Car Warranty.

Most people believe that all their Log Book Servicing must be done at the dealership in order to maintain the New Car Warranty. This simply isn't true! You are free to take your new car to any certified automotive service centre. Birdwood Motors are qualified to carry out all your vehicle Log Book Services to manufacturer specifications and protect your new car warranty. We only use quality parts and oils when servicing your vehicle to ensure optimum performance.

When you bring your car in for its scheduled service, our specialists also carry out a Full Undercar Inspection and Safety Check of your vehicle. We will immediately let you know of anything of concern and anything that needs repairing or replacing that isn't part of your scheduled service. One of our technicians will take you under your vehicle and show you exactly what needs repairing. You will be given an itemised quote and we can even prioritise the work so you know what is most urgent, this way you are in complete control of all the work and nothing will be done without your approval. We give you the information so you can decide.

We offer servicing on all makes and models including diesel, 4WD, light commercial and Fleet Vehicles.

Our workshop is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and our technicians are trained in all new car technology in order to repair and service your vehicle to the highest standard. We guarantee all servicing and mechanical work performed by our technicians and can also perform pre-purchase inspections for added peace of mind.

Having your Log Book stamped at every service keeps a running history of the vehicle. This is essential for your Vehicle Warranty but also helps if you are looking at selling your vehicle.

We understand how costly it can be taking your vehicle to a dealership for your log book servicing, which is why we are committed to providing the best service at the best possible price. We offer an efficient and reliable service for all your car needs.

A log book services are a comprehensive schedule of servicing specified by vehicle manufacturers necessary to maintain the warranty. A logbook service is a broad service guided by the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. If you want to keep your new car warranty and maintain optimal safety and performance then Birdwood Motors logbook servicing is for you. Logbook Servicing can not only be maintained by a car dealership but also equally through a suitably equipped and qualified auto mechanic.