Birdwood Motors

Since 1986 the team at Birdwood Motors have been focused on keeping our customers safe whilst providing fast, efficient, clean and reliable service.

With over 45 years experience we are Hobart’s trusted Automotive Service Centre which offers Servicing & Repairs (including capped price servicing, Tuning, Brakes & Clutch repairs, Fuel Injection servicing and repairs, Fleet Servicing, New vehicle log book servicing without affecting your warranty).

We will talk to you in a language you will understand and provide you with the right information for you to make an informed decision to ensure you and your families are safe.


We offer FREE inspection of your vehicles lights to make sure they are all working. We also offer a FREE inspection of your vehicles brake system. Your brake system is a critical safety feature of your vehicle.

Our technician will examine the entire brake system including, pads/shoes, brake fluid, rotor/drum wear, callipers and wheel cylinders, hoses and lines and brake master cylinder.

If you notice any signs of brake failure, squealing, grinding when you apply the brakes, a brake pedal that can nearly be depressed to the floor, low or dirty brake fluid or a brake warning light on, book your vehicle in for a “FREE” brake system inspection. No appointment necessary.